Give your office a fresh look!

There are some ways to give your office a fresh look without breaking the budget:

When replacing your carpet, choose a new more modern colour which gives your office a look that’s fresh, giving the impression that the entire office has been remodeled.

A fresh coat of paint will liven up your workplace.  Colour trends come and go, and if your office is still stuck in the bright colours of the 80’s and 90’s, everybody is starting to notice.  Old cubicle panels can be recovered with a new, fresh look.  And wall coverings can be added to specific conference or meeting rooms for new flair.

Creative cubicle planning can certainly make it possible to move more employees into a smaller amount of space. By investing in modular furniture systems and getting creative with design, you can offer your employees a new look in less space.

And, if you maximise the space you give them with ergonomic and adjustable furniture and accessories, they won’t even notice their workspace has been cut.

Renovation can give your office a fresh look and also bring your work place back to current standards, improve work morale, increase productivity, and make more effective use of valuable floor space.

Office Fitout Sydney offers renovation services to work with your brief and budget.  We offer services including painting, floor coverings, wall removal and partitions.

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