What type of partition is best for you?


Do you require more privacy?

Partitions can add privacy, screening and visual interest. We can construct walls in varying sized partitions using many materials including plasterboard, glass and veneer paneling to create a style unique to you.
Using glazed partitions create a modern, spacious office design that maximises on natural light. Window blinds or glass films can be installed to create privacy when required. We supply and install glass office partitions, clear or frosted.

How high do you want your partitions?

Think about your employees and what they need. Do they need a quiet work area? Privacy? Interaction with other staff? The higher the partition, the more privacy there willl be. On the other hand, the lower the partition, the more open plan your office will be.

There is a large variety on the market and Office Fitout Sydney can help you with all your Office Partition needs. We provide practical and flexible design solutions and we ensure that all solutions match your brand and your needs.

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